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South Africa, Extended Stay

July 12 - August 9, 2010

It's true I'm still in South Africa. Since World Cup ended I’ve stayed a full month longer. The original plan had been to take a rest and get caught up on stuff like my blog before heading to Namibia but I didn't know I was going to have such an incredible couchsurfing host. I have been staying with Christo in Brakenfell about 25km outside of Cape Town. He is a really great guy and very hospitable. Here is his profile http://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=7LX8MRU. During my stay I've fished on the ocean, met lots of friends, family, and other couchsurfers, toured wine farms, gone to a rugby game and ate alot of South African food.

Heidi, Christo and Bobotie (spiced mincemeat with an egg based topping)

Christo's parents and Aunt visiting

At a Winery


Volunteering to cut vegetables for Mandela's Birthday in Cape Town with Corina from Argentina (another couchsurfer at Christo's).

Christo, Corina and me in Christo's home town Worcester



Penguins while we were fishing

Surfing. I really like it. Really tiring though. I never got to stand up on the board. By the time I would get out to where the waves were my arms would be exhausted.

Rugby Game at Newlands Stadium

Mowing Christo's Lawn

Tomorrow I will finally head to Namibia. Originally it looked like I would be going with Christo's friend Rufus in his 4*4 and two other guys we found. We did alot of planning but unfortunately about a week before Rufus backed out. So now the other two guys and me are going to take a bus to the south of Namibia and go from there. I think it should be fun. We are all on big trips in Africa and pretty flexible in our plans. Kin is from Australia and going up the east coast on his way to England like me. Chris is from London and just made his way down from Egypt to South Africa.

South African Security

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